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Fun Facts about Air Turbine Propeller

 Twister, the movie
►  Twister, the ride
 Child's Play 3
 Olympic Games
  Dr Doom, the ride

Twister, The Movie

Air Turbine Propeller was commissioned to create large fan blades to produce the high winds required to create the life-like special effects for the movie.


Twister, The Universal Studios Theme Park Ride

Along with providing the fans for special effects on the movie set of Twister, Air Turbine Propeller was engaged to fabricate fans for the Universal Studios Theme Park ride Twister.


Child's Play 3

In the movie Child's Play 3, Chucky falls into a spinning fan at the end of the movie and meets his demise.  Air Turbine Propeller provided the fan that stopped Chucky.  Well, the villain made his return in Bride of Chucky.  Click on the movie poster below for the last few minutes of the film.  You can see Air Turbine Propeller's fan near the very end.


Olympic Games - 1996 Opening Ceremony

For the 1996 Summer Olympics held in Atlanta Georgia, Air Turbine Propeller provided the fan blades for the air moving equipment that raised the streamers on the top left hand side of the photo below.

1996 Olympics Centennial Stadium

Dr. Doom, Universal Studios Theme Park Ride

Below you can see two of our fan blades incorporated into the Universal Studios' Theme Park Ride Dr. Doom.

Air Turbine Propeller and Dr. Doom Ride